#1 Letter to the Creditor

always on the precipice of greatness and failure
always on the precipice of fatal victory

an imposed sense of fear
an imposed sense of shame
an immoral dilemma
that doesn’t have a name

memories of tinted glass
memories that last and last
in a tainted hourglass

memories both frail and thin
even as we draw to the end

and i don’t feel how you wanted me to feel
and to me you’re a friend in need
who needs to threaten me
but all you are is love

love in a pale blue pantsuit
love in a letter, dear sweet creditor
shame me with your sorrow
do it again tomorrow
i’ll be here for you and you’ll be a beggar too

and together we can soar
to a place where kings adore
the old stories and the new babies
and the dogs with spots
they jump as you type
and you forget about the hype
of yesterday’s law

here we are sitting on a beautiful precipice
dark wood mysterious
echoes made of hepa filters
the old and the new
and the new is the same

and you won’t find a better kind of day


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